Leather Technology Center


Business Information

Tokyo Metropolitan Leather Technology Center (TLTC) was established in 1983 as a testing and research institute for leather technologies. It is located in Sumida, Tokyo, which is famous for pigskin production in Japan.
The main objective is to committed to developing leather technologies and transferring the research findings so as to promote the leather industry in Tokyo.

Monument A leather craft work, “Sousei (Creation)” by Fukuko Ohkubo image
Monument A leather craft work, “Sousei (Creation)” by Fukuko Ohkubo

Technical assistance

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On-site technical support
We offer a wide range of consulting services and on demand practical works for your tannery in Tokyo.

Facilities services
Leather processing machines for tanning, dyeing and finishing are available for your research and development.

Technical consulting services
We provide consultation and advices to solve the technical problems from tannery to retailer.


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TLTC provides testing, analysis and evaluation services for raw materials, leather and leather goods, for improvement in quality and the stability of the business.

Training, Seminars, and Workshops

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We offer the specialized training courses, seminars, and workshops which cover overall leather manufacture and leather products. These courses are designed to help leather supply chain.


Since 1983, we have been studying various fields of leather related technologies, including collagen, keratin, leather manufacture, environmental problems, utilization of tannery by-product, wastewater treatment, leather identification, and leather characteristics.
The outcomes of these research studies are published widely within the industry through our “Annual Report”, etc., and are transferred from TLTC to the leather and related industries in through technical workshops and onsite instruction.

Research fields

(1) Utilization of pig skin
(2) Improvement in leather manufacturing technology
(3) Evaluation of leather

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Pig Skin

About 16 million pig skins are produced from meat industry as by-product every year in Japan. Most of them are exported to East Asian countries nowadays. However, Tokyo is well known as the main district to produce the high quality pig skin leather still today.
Pig skins have the characteristics of good air permeability and strong surface abrasion resistance, and have been used mainly for shoe linings.

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  • 15-minute walk from Keisei Oshiage Line Yahiro Station.
  • Take Toei Bus bound for Uenomatsuzakaya-mae or Aotoshako-mae from bus terminal of JR Sobu Line Hirai Station north exit, get off Higashisumida San-chome bus stop and walk 5 minutes.

Tokyo Metropolitan Leather Technology Center
3-3-14 Higashisumida, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0042, Japan
TEL/ +81-3-3616-1671 FAX/ +81-3-3616-1676